Estefano: – You are deterred by negative reference experiences of women addressing. Ok what does that mean

This means that a man addresses a few women and has bad experiences because the woman e.g. not responding so well to him. And then he sets such negative anchors that every time he sees an attractive woman he wants to talk to, he comes up with these experiences. And ironically, he lets a woman, whom he might not even know, stop him from approaching new women.

And my question to you now is, what do you think of a man who doesn’t dare to speak to a woman? Where you realize he wants to speak to you, but he can’t because he doesn’t dare?

Doris: Well, I find self-confidence naturally sexy. But I also think it’s important to be realistic. The problem is like that, even in Austria or anywhere in the world, I believe that the guys who are not good, who are not really great, who have such a lot of self-confidence, appeal to every girl, regardless of the reactions.

Estefano: Are these exaggerated machos and such types? Yes.

Doris: Yes, and those who would be really cute and totally interesting don’t dare.

Estefano: And then they don’t dare? Yes, that’s right. Maybe you can still talk about why that is often. Because the moment he speaks to a woman who doesn’t respond well to him, it may be timing, right? You said?

Doris: Yes, it can also be simply because, e.g. Now when I come out of the sauna and I’m on my way home, I’m totally sweaty, I was in the gym, I just want to eat something, I have 20 emails on my cell phone and then the sweet guy comes and speaks to me . Then I might be averse to that. And not because of him, but simply because the timing doesn’t fit.

Estefano: … And not because it has anything to do with him, but because you are in stress right now!

Doris: Exactly!

Estefano: And is it even like that when he looks good? If you actually liked it?

Doris: Yes, it could even be if I liked it.

Estefano: Ok. Yes. But can it be because … Do you think that you are not so sure yourself at the moment? So about your own looks? Because you just look so sweaty, don’t look so good anymore? Or because of the stress?

Doris: Not because of the looks. Because of the stress. I want to eat now. And if I e.g. I’m hungry, then, then …

Estefano: No man comes between you and your food! As a nutritionist, yes!

Doris: Exactly! Then this is simply the first!

Estefano: So if she eats, stay away! When she comes out of the sauna, stay away! But only after that!

Doris: Exactly! Then he has to wait a moment, then I have a lot of time and am relaxed!

Estefano: I already know that all men are going to this sauna now. Don’t say what sauna you are in! And in which situations would you like to be addressed by the man? Where are you ready for it, in everyday life? Is it e.g. at the fitness center? Are you open to being addressed, purely in terms of timing?

Doris: I’m more open in the fitness center. Then it also depends on the daily constitution. That’s why you should never take it personally when someone gets a basket. I mean, if you really don’t look good with quotation marks, and always address the most beautiful women and always get a basket, then you can start to think. If there were fifty to a hundred women – ok, but otherwise, I think, you shouldn’t give up.

Doris: Yes, you can’t! It may be that they all had a bad day.

Estefano: Exactly. You never know what happened. The dog has just died, her grandma is sick. You don’t know that.

Doris: Yes, exactly. Period! Everything terrible!

Estefano: period! The statistical chance for this is very high, yes! That you always catch someone who has it and that’s why … it doesn’t always have to have something to do with you.

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