Goes and does not go: what you should and shouldn’t do when online dating

Whether websites with extensive profiles, payment tariffs and a high number of members – or rather a free flirt app with single-image profiles and note-like descriptions: there are many tips that can be used for both models as well as for all other offers in between and beyond . Here I have listed 5 points that should be noted and done, as well as 5 things that should be left out.

Yes: Use the right provider right from the start

If you choose the wrong provider for online dating, you can quickly commit to paying the membership fee for a few months, but you won’t meet a single potential partner. Therefore, in addition to free and partly regional online dating offers, you should especially use those that have a large number of members.

Yes: An inviting profile picture encourages discovery

If you have sunglasses on or are completely covered by ski gear, then you are showing your affinity for being outside, but not yourself. Is there a friendly picture of you that was not created in front of the bathroom mirror, but against a beautiful background ? Then take that. Photos from the professional photographer are good for the wall, but they say nothing to the profile visitor.

Yes: From the dating platform not directly to the first date

If you are writing to a potential partner in a single exchange, after a few messages you can exchange email addresses or even numbers for WhatsApp. This makes communication more personal. You can make out the first date by phone; so you are guaranteed not to experience a short-term cancellation!

Yes: Do not meet at your home or the match

If someone comes into the apartment (semi-strange), it is always uncomfortable. You feel obliged to explain this, to justify that … You should rather choose a neutral but romantic place. Something halfway there – you can spontaneously decide where to go from there.

Yes: delete your profile after dating success

Everything else looks dubious!

No: show better in profile than be real

Do you have a flaw – as we all somehow have – then do not be ashamed of it. Don’t make yourself richer, wealthier, healthier, nicer (whatever that is) or different from you. At the latest on the first date, everything blows up anyway.

No: high expectations create disappointments

Do not look for the rebirth of your childhood sweetheart that you have never achieved. Find someone who suits you and who suits you.

No: wait a long time to contact or date

Don’t waste months back and forth on messages. If you get along well by message, then quickly go to the phone and from there to the meeting.

No: Too many dates

Not only do you lose the overview, but also the desire for dating and the real interest in the other person.

No: just shoot someone like that

If it didn’t click, then you can communicate that respectfully. Your match did not owe you anything and therefore the initial friendliness can continue even if you are disappointed.

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